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Help Africa is an indigenous NGO founded by Kim Madsen in 2010 and registered in 2011 with the National Board for Non Government Organisations under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) in Uganda.

Why Uganda?

Uganda has a population of 45 million people of which 56% are children, 11.5% are orphans and 38% are vulnerable children.

Help Africa works with utmost transparency, impartiality and passion towards transforming lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda through provision of education, health care and other essential basic necessities in life.

We mainly operate in the city slums i.e Katanga slum being the biggest and areas outside Kampala.

The Organisation works closely with the local authorities in identifying the neediest children for the program. Registration for sponsorship is free of charge and Accountability is our key value.

this is help africa


our mission

To provide a framework for the enjoyment of rights and fulfilment of responsibities to the orphans and other vulnerable children to change their lives for the best.

our vision

A society where all orphans and the other vulnerable children live to their full potential as their rights and aspirations are fully fulfilled.

our values

To extend love and compassion towards the orphans and other vulnerable children with utmost Transparency, Unity and Integrity.

What We Do


Education plays a big role in the elimination of poverty in Uganda; it increases chances to a better life thus transforming lives of the orphans and vulnerable children. Before sponsorship, these children attend poor schools in the slums and others are school dropouts due to lack of school fees. After sponsorship, the children attain a good stable education at our partner boarding schools with all the basic school requirements.

School Reports

A year has 3 school terms and the sponsor families receive Report cards of their sponsor children for a follow up on the performance and conduct. Our sponsorship program starts from Nursery to University level for those sponsors who would love to provide a complete education to the sponsor children for good employment opportunities.


Practical and social skills play a big role in the children’s personal development through promotion of their skills and talents.

Practical Activities

Our children take part in exciting cultural dances with colourful traditional costumes, traditional instrumentation and Original Western gospel and African songs. We have managed to realize our children’s potential, personalities and talents through Music, Dance, Drama, Chess, Art and Craft.

Computer Classes

Help Africa imparts the children with computer skills in the use of internet and networking platforms, Ms-Word, PowerPoint, Excel and typing to create problem solvers who can compete in the job market after education.

Our Great Team

Committed to help worldwide

  • Kim Madsen
    Kim Madsen Founder | Executive Director
  • Enid Namirembe
    Enid Namirembe CEO
  • Mirembe Mariam
    Mirembe Mariam Manager - Programs
  • Nabachwa Ginah
    Nabachwa Ginah Social Worker
  • Martha Nambote
    Martha Nambote Accountant
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