New Sponsorship

To sponsor a new child for the first time, It is 375 EUR which includes 150 EUR as the start up fee and 225 EUR for the quarter payment. The start up fee caters for start up requirements when a new child is joining boarding school for the first time and these include a new mattress, suitcase, bedsheets, towel, mosquito net, 3 sets of school uniforms, black school shoes, blanket and the scholastic materials.

After the first payment, a sponsor is then invoiced 225 EUR on a quarterly basis (every 3 months).


It is 225 EUR per Quarter (75 EUR per month) to Re-sponsor a child back to school after his or her sponsor has stopped sponsorship. This is a very big challenge as we can not let the children drop out of school even after the sponsor has stopped sponsoring.In this case we shall put the child back to searching for sponsor to get a new sponsor.

Sponsorship brings strong love in these vulnerable children’s hearts, a strong relationship that they would love to hold on to forever and when a sponsor stops they feel abandoned by the ones they loved.


We understand that at times sponsor families are faced with financial difficulties , we kindly request in such situations to encourage friends or family to join and sponsor in a group to continue making a difference in the child’s life. You can choose to sponsor individually or in a group or a company The school calender has 4 Quarters in a year and a sponsor is invoiced 4 times on quarterly basis.

We appreciate so much all our sponsors for your continued support towards the children’s education and wellbeing. Together we shall continue making a difference!

Thank you so much for the great interest that you have shown in transforming the lives of the orphans and vulnerable children by supporting their education. All your incredible love and support means alot to these underprivileged children.

Below you will find all the children that needs to be sponsored right now.

Searching for a Sponsor

Born: AUG 24th 2018

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Born: NOV 4th 2017

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Born: JUNE 22th 2016

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Born: OCT 16th 2016

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