Sponsor a child from Buyiga Island to support them achieve greater dreams in life!!!

Buyiga Island is a remote hidden Island located 132 km away from the capital city of Kampala. It has a population of approximately 23,200 people, about which 58% are children and only 45% of them complete Primary seven class and drop out of school at this level. Buyiga Island has only one small Public Primary and High school which are not easily accessed by many of the children because of the long distance from the schools to the children’s homes. The Island has about 6 privately owned small primary schools most of which are also in a poor state and with just few classes that do not complete the primary level.

With just one High school at the Island and with only the ordinary level i.e. 4 classes S.1, S.2, S.3, S.4 and with no Advanced level, many children are forced to stop at the primary level and some not even complete this level. This is because the children are hopeless and see no reason of continuing with their education up to High school since they cannot easily access the school due to the long distance of about 4 hours a day to and from school and yet many of their parents cannot afford the Boarding high schools at the nearby town off the Island. This has greatly contributed to a rise in the teenage pregnancies on the Island of about 35%.

Only 15% of the children can join High School of which very few of them complete the Ordinary High school level due to the challenges surrounding the accessibility to the school and very few of them join the Advanced High school level at the private boarding High schools off the island. However, this is only affordable to very few children whose parents can afford to take them to the boarding high school off the island.

Being that many of the families depend on small scale farming from which they earn a very small income, sustaining the children in the small poor schools on the island is very challenging for most parents. This explains why some children are not in school, others start school at a very old age, others drop out of school due to lack of school fees and others missing school frequently.

The sponsorship program at Buyiga Island will give an opportunity of a stable education to many children that have never been to school, those that dropped out of school due to lack of school fees and lack of access to the public schools and those have been frequently missing school due to lack of school fees. The program will also consider the teenage mothers that dropped out of school but are still interested in going back to school.

It will reduce the number of teenage pregnancies by giving an opportunity to both boys and girls to complete their education as well as keeping them safe in school and giving them greater chances of joining university.

The sponsored children from the Island both at primary and secondary level will go to a good boarding school in the city and will be transformed and return heroes at the Island after their education.

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