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Help Africa´s Wishlist



At Help Africa we now have a children’s Library but still lacking a variety of Text books that are very essential in the children’s research.
Our wish is to have more academic text books and story books in the Library that are very crucial in the children’s education.

With these textbooks, the children will be able to accomplish their research work and assignments without any challenges.

You can kindly help us to provide this for our dear children.

Education Buffer:

It really hurts when a child can not finish school because his or her sponsor family can not continue supporting them because of different challenges.
With the Education Buffer, we can be able to help these children continue with school until when we find a new sponsor family for them. The money can then be released to rescue another child to be taken back to school.
Every single shilling counts for these children that enjoy studying and are more than happy to be in school.

You can be part of this rescue, if you choose to donate to this buffer.


New School Uniforms:

There is a big need to replace old and worn out uniforms. School uniforms are very crucial school requirements since this is what the children dress in while at school. In order to raise the children’s self esteem and confidence they need to be properly dressed in proper school uniforms.

With your help, we can be able to replace old and worn out uniforms that these children have worn for so many years. When the children are newly sponsored they get a set of 3 uniforms and excitement fills them as some have never had a new cloth in their life. You can be part of this cause by helping these happy vulverable children get something decent to wear at school.

School Shoes:

Just like the school uniforms, we need to replace torn and worn out school shoes for the children. A pair of shoes per child goes a long way in blessing the kid’s life and making it easier. For some children, the first pair they receive when they are newly sponsored is the first one in their lives.

Our wish is to replace these worn out shoes by buying new pairs of shoes for the children that they can wear both at school and at home.
With your help and donations, we can protect these precious feet.


Medical Buffer:

This is a basket of funds that can help us save the lives of our children that fall critically ill. Medical care is very expensive in Uganda and for many of our children, falling sick is worse than a nightmare and a very big reason to worry. With this buffer, we can save many children’s lives with medical complications, and those who are critically sick but can not afford medication.

Your help/donation can go a very long way in saving a life, and bringing health back to a child.

Music, Dance and Drama equipments:

This year we started a new program in Music, Dance and Drama and we formed a Help Africa children’s choir. As its our Mission to equip our children with skills, we can be able to realize and promote our children’s talents in this field.
However, we can not achieve this without musical equipments like Pianos, Guitars, dancing and singing costumes, traditional instruments like drums and facilitation for the trainers.

Your support and help towards this program will go a long way in promoting the children’s talents and helping them become skilled person in future.

We need your support with a piano, costumes, a set of drums and facilitation for the trainer.



Help Africa as an organization wishes to have permanent home on which we can have an office as well as carry on sustainability projects and activities for the children.

Having a piece of land would be an asset that would allow us to expand and grow both internally and externally and also there is nothing soothing as having a place to call home. 
With the help of Donations, we can be able to raise enough funds to make this dream a reality.

At Help Africa, we appreciate every effort done in supporting these vulnerable children.

Every coin counts, and is accounted for.

You can also choose to make a donation towards other items that include:

  • School bags
  • Scholastic materials like pens, pencils, colored pencils, books and Art and crafts items
  • Sports Equipment
  • Laptops
  • Tailoring items and Fabrics
  • Chess Boards
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