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Do you want to have a new experience and pass on your skills to others? Our Volunteer program is open to anyone with compassion to children, a sense of humor and someone who are willing to spend some quality time with the children.  Individuals of all ages are welcome to volunteer with us at any time of the year

How To Apply

Find out more details and requirements of volunteering by reading the Volunteer Policy. Thereafter download the application form that you can print out and fill in by hand.

Volunteer Testimonials

  • I volunteered at Help Africa for 3 weeks and had a wonderful experience which opened my eyes on humanity and conditions of living in Uganda. During my stay, I met many great personalities both children and adults. It was nice creating an impact on their lives like they did on mine. I appreciate the friendly Help Africa staff and the energized children who got me so hooked to Uganda. I can't wait to return back!

    Louie Bjerg Enderleit
    Louie Bjerg Enderleit
  • During my time, I also visited the families in Katanga slum supported by Help Africa. It was great experience knowing where the children come from and meeting their parents filled with lots of hospitality. I was taken care of very well by the staff and will surely return to Uganda at some point. It was a pleasure working with Mariam and Christabel.

    Sofie Vandborg
    Sofie Vandborg
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