Become A Sponsor

Fill out the form below if you wish to support a child. After you submit your information, you will be contacted by a Help Africa representative regarding your decision. You will then be assisted through the few steps of becoming a sponsor and any other related questions will be answered.

The Budget Of Sponsoring a Child

  1. 125 USD / 100 Euro / 750 DKK Startup fee
  2. 60 USD / 50 Euro / 350 DKK each month after

See the distribution of Funds Page for further information and check the list of children in search of a sponsor.

From the start amount:

50 dollars buy all three school uniforms which includes; full class uniforms with shirt, shorts, tie, sweater, stockings, full sportswear, after class uniform.

75 Dollars go to needs such as: a new mattress, blanket, bed sheets and a box where the children keep all their belongings.


From monthly payment:

The 60 US Dollars per month cover, school fees, dorm room, boarding fees and money to support the child during the school holidays. 


Sponsor a child by filling the form below.