How to Sponsor on Buyiga Island


The first-time sponsorship fee for sponsoring a child from Buyiga Island is 375 EUR and it includes a startup fee of 150 EUR and sponsorship fee per Quarter of 225 EUR. The startup requirements include 2 school uniforms, school shoes, school bag, Exercise books, counter books (for the upper classes), typing papers, pens, pencils, ruler, graph books, colored pencils (for kindergarten and lower primary), toilet papers and other personal belongings.

For the continuing Quarters, a sponsor will be invoiced 225 EUR per Quarter which is 75 EUR per month.

Born: 13TH APRIL 2018


Sandra lives with her family in a very small muddy room on the Island. Both of are parents are alive but very needy. Sandra is the 4th child among the 6 children, and she is not yet in school due to lack of school fees.

Both her parents are farmers and most of the food they grow is for food for the family and very little is saved for selling.

Years back, her father’s arm got infected, and he is not able to dig for other people to earn some money like it was before. Sandra’s parents earn a very small income from their produce which can not even cater for most of the basics for the family.

Sandra is looking for an opportunity to be sponsored so that she can get a chance of going to school.



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Born: 13TH APRIL 2018

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