Muhammed lives in a small roomed house in Katanga slum with his mother and 2 siblings. His father lives in the slum but got a stroke that left his body paralysed as he does not move and finds it difficult to talk. Muhammed and his mother used to live in one of the rooms that belonged to the father in the slum but were chased away by the eldest children of his father and their mothers when he got a stroke.

His mother struggles to look after the family by hawking bananas on the streets of the city so that she can earn a living although this in not allowed by the City Council Authority. She earns $1.5 or less as her profit  and despite her little income, she struggle to take Muhammed  to a nearby poor government school although he is always chased from school and missing examinations because of lack of school fees.

Muhammed is in search of a sponsor to support his education.