Reagan’s parents are both alive but needy and separated in 2016 when his mother was pregnant of her last born. He stays in a one-roomed small house in Katanga slum with his mother and 2 siblings, his father is a motorcyclist who rides people and gets paid. The mother sells herbal medicine on the streets of Katanga slum and gets very little income which is not enough to take care of the family, pay for house rent and also save for Regan’s school fees. Regan’s father does not support the children and mother in any way. In 2017, Regan missed school the whole year 2017 because his mother did not have any income to sustain his school.

Reagan now goes to a poor government school with a low standard and misses school most times because of lack of school fees.

He is looking for a sponsor to support him to attain a stable education.