Hope’s father is a drunkard , unemployed and stays on the shores of  the Lake in the village.  Her mother abandoned the children and left because of their father’s  alcoholism and got married to another man. Hope does not get any support from her father and rarely sees her mother.

Hope  stays with her uncle and 4 of his children in Kiteezi away from the city. His uncle also takes care of Hope’s sibling . They used to stay in Katanga slum  but left in January 2019 after the house was to be demolished. Her uncle works as a car mechanic and earns a small income which is not enough to cater for his big family and also sustain Hope in school.

Hope goes to small poor school near their home but most times she is out of school because of lack of school fees. Hope is looking for a sponsor to help and support her education so that she can have a bright future.