Shimaro’s father died in April 2018 and he stays with his mother and 4 siblings at his grandmother’s two  roomed small house in Katanga slum because his mother could no longer afford the house rent. His mother had separated with their father in 2013 before his death and since then the mother has been struggling alone to take care of the children by doing different kinds of jobs like working as a potter on building sites. His mother now  works as a waitress at a small restaurant nearby Katanga slum but earns a small income to cater for her big family and save for the children’s school fees too. Shimaro goes to a small poor school but misses school sometimes because his mother can not sustain all of them in school because of her low income.

Shimaro is in search of a sponsor to help and support his education so that he can attain a good stable education for  a bright future.