Jackson stays in Katanga slum in a small single roomed house with his mother, grandmother and other 2 relatives. Jackson has one  step sibling  whose father died and he stays in the village. His father abandoned him since he was 3 years old and does not give him any support.

His mother works on building sites as a potter  and can take months without working when she can not find a site to work on which makes living conditions very hard because of lack of income. When she is not working as a potter at building sites, she does any casual jobs like washing people’s clothes in Katanga slum from which she earns  a very little income as well. Because of  his mother’s  small income, she can not sustain Jackson in school and also take care of the  family. Jackson frequently misses school and did not go to school  half of 2018 because of lack of school fees.

Jackson loves being in school and he is looking for a sponsor to give him a chance to a bright future.