BORN 2002

Bonita just completed her Ordinary High school level in 2019 and was supposed to join the Advanced High level for 2 years. Unfortunately her sponsor stopped in 2019 and she can not afford to continue with her education without a sponsor. Bonita is a very hardworking girl in class and enjoys being in school. Bonita’s father abandoned her with her siblings and refused to support them while her mother is rarely there for them nor does she support them.

Bonita stays with 4 of her siblings in Katanga slum in a house that belonged to their grandmother who used to take care of them but passed away in 2017. Bonita and her siblings with 9 of her cousins are sometimes taken care of by her aunt who cooks and sells food in Katanga slum and gets very little money to provide for their food and other basic needs as well as save for Bonita’s school fees. Bonita dreams to complete her education and become a prominent person in the future who will change the community.

Bonita is looking for a new sponsor to take her back to school so that she can complete her education and have a bright future.