D.O.B: 19TH OCTOBER 2008

Both of Fellisha’s parents are alive but very poor and stay in the village. Fellisha’s mother is disabled and can not manage to do heavy work and her father is a peasant subsistence farmer. Fellisha stays in katanga slum with her grandmother and other siblings because her parents can not afford to take care of her. As a way to earn an income, her grandmother used to wash people’s clothes in the slum and removing peas from their pods from which she earned very little which was not enough to save for Fellisha’s school fees.

Few months back Fellisha’s grandmother became sick and got paralyzed one side of the body which does not allow her to do the casual jobs she used to do before. She now depends on relatives and friends for food and support.Fellisha was first sponsored in February 2019 but her sponsor stopped in December 2019. Before Fellisha was sponsored, she had missed the whole of 2016 without going to school and kept on missing school even after she joined a poor school nearby the slum due to lack of school fees.

Right now is out of school because she has no sponsor and her grandmother and parents can not afford her school fees. Fellisha is looking for a new sponsor to take her back to school so that she can achieve a bright future and make a difference in her life.