D.O.B: 13TH JULY 2004

Angel’s father died when she was 1 year old. Angel was left with her siblings under the care of their mother who was unemployed and doing any casual jobs from which she was getting very little money to support her family. Sometimes Angel’s elder sister used to wash people’s clothes so that they could get some money to take Angel to school, however this was very little to keep Angel in school hence missing school frequently.

Later on Angel’s mother left the slum when her financial situation got very tough and went to stay in the village because she could no longer afford the house rent, school fees for her children and other basic necessities for the family.

She left Angel with a friend in Katanga slum who offered Angel a place to stay in her small room with her children . Angel was then sponsored in 2015 but her sponsor stopped in October 2019. Angel is now at home and can not continue with her education because of lack of school fees.

Angel loves school and she is searching for a new sponsor to help her continue with her education to attain a bright future and transform her life.