Madinah used to stay in the Katanga slum  with her mother and  two siblings but shifted in July 2018 because the mother could no longer afford to pay for house rent. She now stays at her grandmother’s home in Nakifuma village – Mukono District with her mother and siblings. Her mother used to work as a waitress in one of the food joints in Katanga slum but stopped and currently she is unemployed and looking for a job. Madina has two siblings and she is the eldest child ,her mother separated with her father in 2016 because he was not taking care of the children and currently Madina’s mother and children depend on the children’s grandmother who  struggles to pay for food and the children’s school fees.

Madinah goes to a small school in the village with poor standard and right now she is in search of a sponsor to help her attain a good stable education for a bright future.