D.O.B: 10TH JANUARY 2005

Zam lives with her mother and 4 siblings in a small room in Katanga slum. She was abandoned by her father when she was still very young and until today she has never seen her father nor does he support her.Zam’s mother roasts and sells maize on the streets outside the slum but earns less than a dollar a day which is very little to save and pay for house rent, Zam’s school fees and also food for the children. Before she was sponsored, Zam started school late and frequently missed school due to lack of school fees.

Zam was sponsored in 2015 and her sponsor stopped in December 2019 due to financial problems. This year Zam was supposed to join High school but this is impossible without a sponsor because her mother can not afford to pay for her school fees. Zam is looking for a new sponsor to help her go back to school and continue with her education. Please save Zam’s s future by re-sposoring her back to school.