Rihanah is a twin and stays with her mother and 2 siblings in a small room in Katanga slum. Both her parents are alive but separated when the twins were 2 years old and the father abandoned them since then. All the children are under the care of their mother alone. Her father works as a motorcyclist who rides people and does not support the kids in any way.

Her mother sells sandals on the city streets in evenings because she can not afford rent but this is illegal and not allowed by the City Authority. At times her items are confiscated by the authority and she is left with no capital thus starting from zero. From her small business, she earns a dollar a day as profit which is very little to take care of house rent, food and also save for Rihanah’s school fees.

Because of their mother’s small income, Rihanah goes to small poor school near the slum but misses school most times because of lack of school fees.

Rihanah is searching for a sponsor to support her education for her to attain a bright future.