D.O.B: 2ND JUNE 2009

Zuena’s mother died a sudden death when she was 3 years old and her father stays in the village, married another wife and does not support the child in any way. Zuena was the only child from her mother and has 8 siblings from her father’s side. Zuena stays with her lame aunt and her two children in a very tiny room in katanga slum.Her aunt sells tomatoes, onions on the street outside the slum from which she gets very little income to buy food, pay for her children’s school fees and also save for Zuena’s school fees.

Before Zuena was sponsored she was going to a small poor school in the village but frequently missed school due to lack of school fees. Her sponsor stopped sponsoring her in mid 2019 and Zuena has dropped out of school again because her aunt can not afford to pay for her school fees due to her very small income. Zuena is searching for a new sponsor to support her go back to school so that she can continue with her education and attain a bright future.