Flavia was abandoned by her father when she was 2 years old, he left in 2012 and went to Juba for jobs but married another woman and never returned back to his children until today. Since then, the child has been under the care of her mother alone and they stay with 2 of her siblings  in a  single small room  house in Kawala slum. Flavia’s mother does not have a temporary job but does any casual work  that comes her way and most times she washes people’s clothes  from which she earns very little income to   take care of the children and as well pay for their school fees.

Flavia missed the whole of 2018 because of lack of school fees, and right now she goes  to a nearby small poor school  but frequently misses  school because her mother can not afford to sustain her in school.

Flavia admires getting a stable education to have a bright future and make a difference in her life, she is looking for a sponsor to support her education.