Robinah was abandoned by her father when she was still very young and he does not support her with anything .She stays with her mother in a slum in Gayaza with her other siblings. He mother roasts maize at night along the street in Katanga slum in order to get a meal for the children. Because of her mother’s very small income she can not afford to pay for Robinah’s school fees and also take care of Robinah’s sick brother who just underwent an eyes operation.

Robinah is a humble and a smart girl in class, she is interested in studying and a very good dancer in the Help Africa Children’s Choir. Before Robinah was sponsored under Help Africa she was not going to school because of lack of school fees. Robinah was re-sponsored in July 2019 by a group of 3 sponsors but unfortunately 2 sponsors stopped in February 2020 and she is left with one sponsor who pays 25USD per month. However this is not enough to pay for Robinah’s school fees.

She is looking for another sponsor to help and pay 45 USD per month so that she can go back to school and continue with her education. School started on 3rd February 2020 but Robinah is still at home because of lack of school fees. Kindly responsor Robinah back to school for her to achieve a bright future.