D.O.B:14TH JUNE 2006

Sophia stays with her mother in a small single room in katanga slum. Her father abandoned her when she was 2 years old and he does not give Sophia any support. Sophia’s mother works at Kampala City Council Authority as street sweeper and gets very little money to cater for food, house rent and also save for Sophia’s school fees. Before Sophia was sponsored, she used to frequently miss school because of lack of school fees.

Sophia’s sponsor stopped in December 2019 and Sophia was supposed to join her final class at Primary school but unfortunately this can not be possible because of lack of school fees. Sophia is a bright girl in class and dreams to become a Bank Manager when she completes her education. Right now Sophia is looking for a new sponsor to take her back to school to achieve a bright future and make a difference in her life. Please re-sponsor her.