D.O.B: 12TH SEPT 2008

Christopher’s father abandoned him when he was still a baby and does not give him any support. He stays with his mother and 3 siblings in katanga slum in a small single room. Christopher’s mother sells bananas on the street outside the slum and earns a dollar or less as profit per day which is very little to pay for house rent, food, clothing and also save for his school fees. Before Christopher was first sponsored in 2017, he had spent 6 months out of school because of lack of school fees.

Christopher was sponsored in 2017 but his sponsor stopped in 2019 due to some health issues. Christopher is out of school now because his mother can not afford to pay for his school fees.Christopher dreams to become a pilot after he completes his education and he is searching for a new sponsor to take him back to school so that he can realize his big dream. You can give Christopher a great opportunity in life by choosing to re-sponsor him back to school.