Both of his parents are alive but separated when Yosam was 1 year old. Yosam used to stay with his mother in a single roomed house in Katanga slum until last year when he started staying with his aunt in a nearby area. His elder sibling stays in the village with his grandmother because the mother could not afford to look after the children because of her small income.

His father is a soldier and stays in the same  slum but married another woman and   refused to support the children because he is no longer with Yosam’s mother. In order to earn a living his mother works as a hairdresser from her small house because she can not afford to pay for rent and in a week she can get 1 or 2 customers and earns $4 per head. Yosam goes to a nearby small poor school but always off school because what the mother earns is small to sustain him in school.

Yosam is in search of a sponsor to support his education.