BORN: 2006

        Badru’s father was poisoned and died in 2013.Badru stays with his mother in a small single room with his siblings. His mother is unemployed but does any casual job like washing people’s clothes nearby their home to earn an income and be able to get a meal for the family. However what she earns is very little to save for Badru’s school fees and also cater for the basic necessities for family. Badru was sponsored in 2015 but his sponsor stopped in January 2020.

Badru loves school and he is always among the best five students in his class. This year Badru was supposed to complete Primary level and join High school next year but this can not be possible because  he has no sponsor right now and his mother can not afford  his school fees. Badru is in search for a new sponsor to support him and take him back to school so that he can continue with his education and achieve a bright future.