Pius’s father abandoned him and his siblings since 2013 when his mother gave birth to premature twins in 2013. He ran away from the family and refused to meet Pius’s mother again and the children as well as support the children until today. His mother sells tomatoes on the streets outside the slum and earns a dollar a day or less which is very little to support the family. Because of her very small income,  his mother can not afford to stay with the children in the city as well as pay for their school fees. Pius stays in the village with his young siblings and an elder brother who helps to take care of him. He goes to a small village school but misses school most times because of lack of school fees.

Pius admires to attain a good stable education which he can not attain from his mother’s small income.

Pius is searching for an opportunity to be sponsored to attain a good education to make a difference in his life.