BORN 2003:

Reagan lives with his single mother and 3 siblings in a small roomed house and he is the 1st born among the children. Reagan’s father is an alcoholic, separated from their mother and abandoned the children. His mother does not have a permanent job but washes people’s clothes in the slum to earn living. From her casual work, she earns very little which can not take care of the children’s basic needs and also save for their school fees.

Reagan was sponsored in Mid 2015 but his sponsor stopped in 2018. Before he was sponsored, he always missed school because his mother could afford to sustain him in school. Reagan’s dream is to continue with his education so that he can become  a prominent person in future.

Regan has one sponsor paying 25USD per month, however this is not enough to keep him school. Reagan is searching for another sponsor who will pay 45USD per month for him to be able continue with his education.