Help Africa's On going Projects


Our small library cannot accommodate and facilitate all the children during their research work in holidays hence some missing out on their research work. To provide a condusive reading environment that will facilitate all the children, there is great need for a big well equipped Library. We call upon all your support to make this dream possible for all the children to be able to enjoy this opportunity for a bright future.

Target Amount: 10,000 USD


The worst that can happen to the children is not being able to continue with their education when their sponsor families stop sponsoring them due to some financial and health challenges. Hope, self esteem and joy are lost when the children drop out of school.

This pool of funds is to ensure that the children stay in school as we look for new sponsor families. Until we find one, then the money is released to rescue another child’s future.

Every donation made counts for these children with very big dreams to become someone in future.

Target Amount: 12,000USD


At every end of the year Help Africa organizes a Christmas party for over 400 Help Africa children and their siblings from Katanga slum and other surrounding slums in Kampala. Children have so much fun with lots of snacks, drinks, food, cake, bouncing castle, face painting and Santa Claus giving each child a Christmas present. This is the biggest and the only party that these children can afford to attend; no child can imagine a year without a Christmas party. This is the only time in a year that these children will afford lots of food, snacks, and sodas and play activities.  We call upon your donations towards this cause, Together we can bring a smile. Every penny is valued!

Target Amount: 5000 USD


Falling sick is worse than a night mare and a very big reason to worry for the orphans and less privileged children. Medical care is expensive and very few of the children can afford it. This basket of funds will save the lives of our children with health complications and those who critically fall ill.

Your donation towards this health cause will go a very long way in saving a life and bringing back health to a child.

Target Amount: 3000USD


Music, dance and drama promote physical, mental, emotional and personal growth of the children. It is a passion to many of these less privileged children brings joy and enhances their dignity, hope, commitment, and respect and sense power irrespective of their backgrounds. There is a big need for funds to facilitate studio recordings, video productions of the children’s songs, costuming, traditional and western instruments trainings and facilitation for the music director.  All your support towards this talent development program will go a long way in building the children’s talents to their fullest potential hence preparing them to compete favorably in the future.

Target Amount: 8,200 USD


This is a very big dream for Help Africa because there is nothing as soothing as having a place to call home. With our own piece of land the organization will  have its permanent home on which we shall have our offices, a children’s home for those without families and space to  carry on sustainability projects for the children and neighboring community and other skills activities for the children. Land as an asset will allow the organization to expand both internally and externally.

Together with your helping hands, this dream can become a reality.

Target Amount: 56,800 USD

At Help Africa, we appreciate every effort done in supporting these vulnerable children.

Every coin counts, and is accounted for.

You can also choose to make a donation towards other items that include: