Imagine you are sitting in your own comfortable and cozy home. Looking at pictures on a website with a lot of different, unbelievably poor children where most are also orphaned, helpless children, who ALL need your help and support for something we take for granted, but only the few get it. Who should you choose?

Imagine you have to choose which child you want to support with money so that the child can go to school, learn to count, read, get proper clothes and footwear on the body. The dream of a daily meal food in a sheltered place where they can feel safe, as opposed to "at home" if they have a home, if they have family, someone to feed them, take over their heads, protect and take care of them.

Also imagine this "home", which is just a tin or cardboard shed with a clay floor. No insulation for heat or cold. No locked doors keeping thieves and assailants out. Nothing but a dark cave, a room without running water or other modern conveniences like electricity, heating or cooling. The rain pouring through the roof. Rats that come running out of the smelly and incomprehensible gutters with garbage, of everything you do not want to see or inhale the smell of.

The noise from everything and everyone, because everything can be heard from all this huge slum area and from the million city of Kampala that surrounds them.

How many people live in slums in Kampala?

UNICEF informs; 70% of those living in Kampala live in slums. The total population of Kampala is estimated at 1.6 million. This means that over 1 million people in Kampala live in slum neighborhoods.

Can I save them all; NO!

Can I save 1 child; YES!

Does 1 human life matter; YES!

I looked at these pictures for a long time and then finally chose; a small, thin boy of 10 years with the frowning name Wasswa.

It was the eyes with the hope he sent straight through to me. I made a choice, trusted my choice, trusted the project, and completed my mission; just to help a human being, a helpless child.

What could I accomplish with that? Would it be useful at all? A single little human out of many millions?

Today I can look back on 12 amazing years. With experiences, memories and results no one could have imagined.

Today I see a physically and mentally strong, grown, young man with a Bachelor from Makarere University spring 2022. I can promise you he will give so much value to everyone around him, which he has done for a long time by the way. He is known and respected for it in Katanga. Was it worth it?

Was it worth the money? Was it worth the time: YES - YES and again YES!

I can impossible describe all the values and how much meaning it has given to him and to me. With the unique personal support and beautiful, transparent administration the NGO organization Help Africa is known for, it has also been safe and easy.

I have had the great experience and pleasure of visiting our sponsor child 3 times. Twice in 2010 and most recently in 2018.

I know him, his family in Katanga. I've been to his home. Shown around and walked in the slum area several times. I have sat as a guest, been treated to bread and drink, exchanged gifts and talked with his mother and brother in their home, the dark hut as previously described. Neat and neat by their standard, very cozy. A small room for all 3 with a small antechamber as entrance hall. I know Help Africa and the administrators very well. They have all lived with us as one, in ours and been on holiday in our home here in Denmark. We got to know them, we bonded.

I have lived and slept in the house from which they run Help Africa. I have talked to the staff and many of the other children. Initially, I received handwritten letters from him. So beautifully written that I could hardly believe it was his handwriting. Later and still as now, we have regular contact on Messenger and WhatsApp.

I have been his life guide and mentor up through his teenage years and young adult life. I have taught him to persevere, persevere, help others, seek help, take responsibility, be happy in the life we ​​are given and get on well and wisely in life. The goal was for him to manage on his own. The goal has been reached!

The relationship, love and friendship between us only dies the day I die. My dream is that one day he will come here to Denmark. That day is coming!

I have traveled the world for many years. I have listened to and experienced so many people, including children and young people during the good 20 years I have built up a business in Forever. I have learned that children are children, young people are young people, adults are adult people, with exactly the same desires, dreams, joys, sorrows, doubts, disappointments and challenges as everyone else, no matter what country on the planet they grow up in. There is just the difference between how easy they have for everyday goods and what opportunities they have for a good life.

Here in Denmark, Scandinavia, most of Europe, etc., we have it easy, convenient and good. Incredibly good and easy, in contrast to the living conditions in the slums of Katanga, Kampala. We have all the possibilities right in front of us. There is only a matter of choosing on and off.

The child who looked at me back then in 2010, on the Help Africa website, had only one hope: A hope to be seen! A cry for help out of illiteracy, poverty, abuse and helplessness! A life with better future opportunities and resources to help others!

So now look them in the eye.

Who is talking to you?

Who do YOU want to help?

NB: I did not write anything about money because:

When we make such a decision, it must be well thought out.

A child, a human being is neither a domestic animal, an off-the-shelf item that we can get rid of, forget or leave to OTHERS.

It's an innocent and defenseless child!

You finish your work.

Follow them up throughout childhood until they can stand alone as an adult!

Then, Job done-Next!

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