Born:  MAY 25 2010


Dalpha’s father died in 2016 and she stays with her mother and siblings in Katanga slum. Her mother has 5 children and Dalpha is the 3rd born. She sells bananas alongside the streets of Kampala where they keep chasing and confiscating her bananas because the Authorities do not allow vendors to work on the roadside.

Before Dalpha was sponsored in 2019, she was going to a small school in the slum and she used to miss school because of lack of school fees. She also delayed starting school because her mother was struggling financially. Since she lost her sponsor in January 2021, Dalpha has missed 4 months (1 term) without going to school because the mother cannot afford even the poor small schools in the slum.

Dalpha is looking for another opportunity for a sponsor to support her education so that she can go back to school.



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