Our first blogpost!

Hello world! Hello everyone!

We always have so much to tell. About what’s going on, the children, their progress, the school, the choir, our volonteers, their testimonials, our visits to the slum, family visitations, new projects etc. So we figured it’s time we started our own blog! For the sponsors who are allready sponsoring and for you who are thinking about getting involved. Or whoever might be interested in what’s going on at Help Africa. We look forward to telling you all about our everyday lives here in Kampala, Uganda.

We start by saying welcome to our two new volunteers all the way from Sweden – Jessica and Yngve. We look forward to see what you will contribute with during your stay here with us.

Right now the children are on a break which means they are staying with their care givers either in the slum or in the village where a lot of them goes to visit during school breaks.

School starts on Monday, the 3rd of February, so right now we are busy trying to find sponsors for the children whose sponsor has decided to stop. Please visit our Facebook page to see the videos of the children looking for a new sponsor. And if you are thinking about becoming a sponsor, now is the time! The children won’t be able to go back to school until they have a new sponsor. You can decide whether you want to sponsor as an individual, a group or a company.

The Help Africa choir has been practicing everyday here at the office for the last couple of weeks. We are so impressed by their talent! We look forward to their next show!

The rain is pouring down outside but the children’s smiles and giggles brings sunshine to the office every day.

We will write more soon.

Love from the Help Africa office

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