Help Africa Children’s Choir was formed in 2018 with the main objective to support the children realize their potential in music, dance, drama as well as support the children develop their talents and promote their self-esteem.

The children’s choir is made up of both boys and girls from the age of 7 years and above living within the slums surrounding Kampala and under poverty stricken conditions.

The children’s choir has grown its membership to over 35 vulnerable children and youths both under sponsorship and those without sponsorship from the slum communities.

Through the choir, the children have been empowered with life skills such as confidence, teamwork, discipline, hard work, persistence, patience, focus and problem solving.

The Choir features in cultural dances, originally composed songs, and local instrumentation, creative and contemporary dance forms.

Our choir has a music album of 6 amazing songs about Uganda, their real life stories, worship and praising songs.

The choir has performed at the National Theatre, cultural weddings, Help Africa events, Rotary among other occasions.

About the Choir

Our choir is dedicated to spread the gospel of love, joy and hope all over the world through their captivating and powerful performance and life changing stories, as they create awareness of thousands of other vulnerable children yearning to attain a good education through sponsorship.

The Choir has staged breath taking and energetic cultural and contemporary performances filled with liveliness, and has performed at special events at the Uganda National Cultural Centre among other events.

About the Choir

Help Africa Children’s Choir welcomes opportunities of international performances from across continents. The choir is need of trainers, instruments and dance costumes.

In case of any interest in volunteering or donation any of the items please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Location

Help Africa Foundation
Plot 1036/1037 Kibuga Block, Wagaba Zone-Rubaga. P.O.BOX 28923, Kampala | Uganda