Smartly dressed in her school uniform with a very big smile on her face, one would not easily realize that Christine is the 5 year old girl that came from Buyiga Island to a boarding school in the city after she was sponsored.

With everything new to her face i.e. the well-built school structures compared to the poor ramshackle structures of the schools at the Island, the beautiful and colored kindergarten classrooms, the colorful swings at schools, the big dormitories and more so Christine owning her own bed and beddings and being able to afford 3 meals at school, she has easily managed to cope up well in the school and she is very happy.

Christine ready for school  Christine all dressed up for school

Christine is learning English and she can now say some English words and will catch up more as she stays in school.

Sponsoring a child from Buyiga Island to a school in the city will greatly help to broaden the minds and thinking of the children and these will contribute to the transformation of the Buyiga Island community after their education. Would you like to make a difference in the life of a child at Buyiga Island and the community itself, sponsor a child by clicking on;

As she reported to school, Christine received startup requirements that she has never owned in life before, 2 pairs of new shoes, beddings, scholastic materials and other extra personal requirements and she was very excited.

Thank you again Frans Wennich for starting this amazing journey in Christine's life and giving her this very big opportunity of going to school in the city.

Kindly click on the link below to sponsor a child from Buyiga Island to a school in the city.



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