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Do you want to have a new experience and pass on your skills to others?

Our Volunteer program is open to anyone with compassion to children, a sense of humor and someone who are willing to spend some quality time with the children. Individuals of all ages are welcome to volunteer with us at any time of the year


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Find out more details and requirements of volunteering by reading the Volunteer Policy.

Thereafter download the application form that you can print out and fill in by hand. Volunteer Policy Application Form


After hearing about Help Africa and all the wonderful work they do, my friend and I made the decision to fly to Uganda and offer our help for a week. When we arrived we were given our itinerary which included a visit to the slums in Katanga. Although I was aware that the people within the slums lived in very poor conditions I was still shocked by what I saw during our visit.

The living conditions are very basic, many of the houses consisted of one small room which was shared by a large number of people where there wasn’t enough room for everyone to lie down and sleep meaning some people were sleeping standing up. The houses do not contain running water and many people don’t have spare money for hygiene supplies making good hygiene practices very difficult and the spread of disease very easy.

The slums consist of many small buildings some of which are made of mud and these are separated by narrow passage ways. There are trenches running along them and these were full of dirty water and dumped waste. I also noticed there were lots of small tied bags that had been thrown in and when I asked what these were I was told that as people in the slums have to pay to use a public toilet, many people can’t afford it and instead use the bags and then discard them in the trenches. I had noticed that many of the houses didn’t have proper roofs and asked what happens when it rains; I was told that the slums flood meaning this dirty water ends up in all of the houses.

There were many children happily playing when we walked around the slums and it was lovely to see them appreciating life when they have so little, it was however hard to ignore that some children didn’t have many clothes, if any at all also and that many of them were very dirty. We also saw a couple of children who had abnormal growths on their bodies that were having to go untreated due to medical costs.

During my visit to the slums it was obvious that the spread of disease would be difficult to contain with the current living conditions and now that we are living through a pandemic the people of Katanga are never far from my thoughts as I know that they do not have the supplies and health care available to keep themselves safe.

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