Volunteer Program

How to Volunteer

Do you want to have a new experience and pass on your skills to others?

Our Volunteer program is open to anyone with compassion to children, a sense of humor and someone who are willing to spend some quality time with the children. Individuals of all ages are welcome to volunteer with us at any time of the year


How to Apply

Find out more details and requirements of volunteering by reading the Volunteer Policy.

Thereafter download the application form that you can print out and fill in by hand. Volunteer Policy Application Form


After hearing about Help Africa and all the wonderful work they do, my friend and I made the decision to fly to Uganda and offer our help for a week. When we arrived we were given our itinerary which included a visit to the slums in Katanga. Although I was aware that the people within the slums lived in very poor conditions I was still shocked by what I saw during our visit.

I spent a couple of weeks volunteering at Help Africa. Helping kids in need is something that has always been very close to my heart. Therefore, Help Africa seemed like the perfect organization for me. Visiting Katanga Slum was inarguably one of the best experiences in my life yet also the hardest.

In 2019, we stayed in Uganda for about three months. In those three months, we started a project for the local women from Katanga slum. We had a wonderful time and everyone was so friendly. Every week we had three workshops and they all took place in the slum. So we went there a lot. You can say you get used to the things you see there, but that’s not true.

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