Born 26th May 2009

Both of Reagan’s parents are alive but struggling to make ends meet. He has 3 siblings and all stay in the village since its is costly for the mother to support them from the city. Reagan’s mother stays in a single roomed house in Katanga slum with his father and the mother’s sister who is mentally ill and taken care of by Reagan’s mother. His father used to be a cobbler on the streets nearby the slum but has been jobless for 3 years now ever since  his items were confiscated by the Kampala City Council Authority because this is illegal. Reagan’s mother sells tea and samosas at a Ministry in the morning and earns $1.5 or less a day as profit which is very little to take care of the family and save for the children’s school fees.

Reagan goes to a very poor school in the village and frequently misses school because his mother’s income can not sustain him in school.

You can  make a difference in Reagan’s life by choosing to sponsor his education.

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