Born 29th October 2005

Lillian lives with her single mother and 3 siblings in a small one roomed house and she is the 2nd born among the children. Lillian’s father is an alcoholic and he abandoned his family, he carries  people’s luggage in the city to earn a living but does not support the family in any way. Lillian’s mother does not have a permanent job and she does any kind of casual job like washing people’s clothes to earn living. From her casual work, she earns very little and sometimes 1 dollar which is very little to cater for food, house rent, clothing and also save for their school fees.

Lillian was sponsored in Mid 2015 but her sponsor stopped in 2018. Before she was sponsored, she always missed school because her mother could afford to sustain her in school. Lillian’s dream is to attain a stable education so that she can make a difference in the world which is hard without sponsorship.

You can help Lillian achieve her dream by choosing to re-sponsor her back to school.

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