Born 25th May 2010

Dalipha’s father died in 2016 and she stays  with her mother in a single roomed small house in Katanga Slum which they sleep in 5 people. Her mother has 5 children and Dalipha is the 3rd born among the children. She shares a father with the 1st and 2nd born and the last two have a same father. Dalipha delayed to start school because her mother could not afford to pay for her school fees and right now she goes to a small school in the slum but sometimes misses school as the mother struggles to keep her in school. Her mother hawks bananas on the streets in the city to be able to look after the children and earns  1 dollar or 1.5 dollar a day as profit which is very little to sustain the family. Dalipha’s elder siblings stays with her uncle and the mother takes care of her other 3 children.

Dalipha is looking for an opportunity of sponsorship so that she can attain a good stable education to have a bright future and make a difference.

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