Born 25th November 2003

Doreen stays with her mother and 2 siblings in a single roomed house in Katanga Slum. 4 years back, Doreen’s mother got an attack and has been weak and sick frequently and because of her illness the father separated with Doreen’s mother and married another woman. Doreen’s father abandoned the family and does not give them any support.

Her mother used to sell clothes in Owino Market but she lost all her capital after the market was burnt down in 2014.Currently the mother does any casual job that comes her way but most of the times she is hired to  wash people’s clothes to earn a living and be able to look after her children. Because of her small income, her mother can not afford to pay for Doreen’s school fees.

Doreen is in her first year at High School and she is passionate about being in school. Doreen was sponsored in 2016 but lost her sponsor in 2017.

She is in search for a new Sponsor to help her  continue with her education.

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