Born September 2007

Ahmed  was sponsored before but lost his sponsor in January 2016 due to financial problems . Before sponsorship, he had spent the whole year of 2015 without going to school because of lack of school fees. Ahmed’s  father died when he was still very young and was left under the care of his mother who has 7 children from which Ahmed is the last born. They stay 10 people in a single roomed house in Katanga slum. To be able to take care of the family, the mother used to roast maize along the streets but stopped because of Arthritis which has severely affected her.

Ahmed’s 1st two elder sisters work in the small food joints as waitresses nearby the slum and the little they earn is used to take care of the few basic needs of the family. However  from the little they earn, they can not be able to save for Ahmed’s school fees.

Ahmed is a jolly boy, very hardworking and loves school very much, You can make a difference in Ahmed’s life by choosing to sponsor him.

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