Born 13th June 2004

Clince is humble boy who works very hard at school, Clince has never seen his father ever since he was born. Clince was born in Kenya but grew up in Uganda with his sister. They live in a single roomed small house with their mother and siblings. His mother has no permanent job and at times  works  as a potter on building sites.

His mother struggles a lot to look after the  family and cater for their basic needs because of her very low income. During holidays Clince looks for casual jobs like washing peoples clothes and helping in people’s homes so that he can help his mother to look after the family. His sponsor stopped sponsoring him in 2017 and Clince does not know where his future lies without an education.

Clince is looking for a new sponsor to support him in his education  so that he can have a bright future and make a difference.

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