Born 9th July 2009

Shanita stays in Wakiso District in a village called Kolongero with her grandmother and her young brother because her mother could not afford to take care of them from the city as well as afford the city schools. During holidays, she stays with her mother in a single roomed small house in Katanga slum. Shanita has 2 siblings and she is the eldest child followed by her 8 year old brother and youngest sibling. Shanita and the second born have the same father and the last child has a different father. Shanita’s father abandoned them in 2013 and said they are not his own children, he left for Congo and they have never heard from him since then..

In order to earn a living, her mother used to hawk bananas but stopped because  the City Authority kept chasing them off the streets and confiscating their capital. Right now she removes peas from their pods from which she earns very little income and  sometimes washes people’s clothes. The little she gets is not enough to pay for house rent, food and also school fees for the children which causes Shanita to miss school sometimes.

Shanita is  searching for a sponsor to help her attain  good stable education to have a bright future.

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