Born 30th june 2008

Gift had spent 6 months  without going to school before he was sponsored in 2015 because his mother could not afford to keep him  in school because of her very low income. Gift stays in in a small roomed house in Katanga slum with his mother and 2 siblings and he is the 2nd born among the children. His father is a drunkard in the slum and does not give any support to the children. His mother does any kind of casual job and most times she  is hired to remove cowpeas from their  pods,  from a sack of cowpeas or beans she earns 1.5 dollar a day or less than a dollar which is very little to sustain the family.

Gift’s sponsor stopped in 2017 and Gift is looking for an opportunity to be re sponsored so that he can be able to continue with his education.

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