Born 26th June 2001

Frank is left with 3 years to complete his High School education. He was sponsored in 2016 until  January 2017. Before he was sponsored, Frank was always off school because his father could not afford to pay for his school fees. In 2017 their house broke down and Frank lost his young sister in this accident which left them with no shelter to stay,because of this tough situation his  mother got very traumatized and left the family. Frank now stays with his father and 3 siblings, his father is a teacher in a small primary school nearby the slum and mother is unemployed and does not stay with the family.

The father is paid very little which is not enough to provide for the children’s basic needs and  also pay for their school fees. Frank’s dream is to complete his education and have a bright future.

Frank is searching for a new sponsor to help him continue with his Education.

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