Born 24th July 2009

Shakil did not go to school the whole of 2017 due to lack of school fees. Both his parents are infected with HIV/AIDS as the father got infected first but secretly kept it and infected the mother too. Shakil lives in a small single room with his parents and 5 siblings,his mother has 2 children and Shakil is the youngest while his father has 6 other children from other women. His father got a motor accident and became lame, he used to be a carpenter but stopped because he is weak and lame.

He now sells sand in small amounts in the slum to earn a living. The mother has been severely ill for the past months, she used to charge peoples’ phones for a living but stopped because she was bedridden for several months and still weak until now. His mother is hired to  sell water from a tap that belongs to their landlord. Shakil loves being in school but the little that his parents earn is not enough to save for his school fees and also take care of other basic needs for the family.

Shakil is in search of a sponsor to help him go back to school.

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