Born 2004

Owen was abandoned by his mother and was left with his father who is jobless and could not take care of the child nor afford to take him to small poor school hence starting school at an old age. Owen was then taken on by his aunt  who he  stays with  in Katanga slum in a single roomed small house with her 5 children.

His aunt is a single mother and she is not supported by the father of her children who is a drunkard in Katanga slum.  Owen’s aunt has a small fridge from which she sells soft drinks in the slum to earn a living and be able to take care of her  big family. What she earns is little to take care of  the children’s basic needs and also cater for their  school fees.

Owen was sponsored in Mid 2015 and his sponsor stopped in 2018. Owen is now looking for another chance to be re-sponsored so that he can continue with his education.

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