D.O.B: 11TH JANUARY 2012

        Latif’s father  died in 2015, he used to be a taxi driver and was poisoned at the taxi stage where he used to work. Latif’s  mother used to sell vegetables at a nearby market but all her capital was stolen and she was left with nothing  and no job from which she could earn an income to support her children. Because of his mother’s bad financial situation, Latif’s mother could not afford to pay for house rent, food and other basics hence leaving the slum to stay with Latif’s  grandmother away from the city.

Latif now stays with his mother and siblings in a small house in Gayaza. His mother  now sells vegetables nearby their home but earns a very small profit to cater for food , other basics as well as save for Latif’s school fees. Latif was first sponsored in 2019 but his sponsor stopped in December 2019 and right now Latif has not reported back to school because of lack of school fees.

        Latif is looking for a new sponsor to support him continue with his education.